Subject: Simplex:Proposition Submission
From: Gabe Drummond-Cole <>
Date: Friday, September 11, 1998 20:29:34

Gabe Drummond Cole

NOTE: I wish to vote for this proposition.

The player known as Tom is now the God-Emperor of Simplex. This can never
be changed. This clause takes precedence over all rules.
There is an office known as the head lackey. It is held at the current
time by Mr. Harf. (Gabe)
The Pit of Despair is a place that players may be cast. Any player cast
there cannot vote and is in intense pain. Only an public action of a
God-Emperor can remove people from the pit of despair.
All players must worship the God-Emperor Tom. Any Player who does not
worship the God-Emperor Tom to a degree that satisfies the head lackey
shall be cast into the pit of despair by a public action of declaration by
said head lackey.

The moment of the completion of the vote for this proposal occurs when Jeff
reads it.