Subject: Simplex: It's Over
From: Jeffrey Reinecke <>
Date: Monday, September 14, 1998 14:23:58

Se[tember 14, 1998 0200 PDT
Citizen's of Simplex:

It has come to my attention that Simplex is effectively broken.
Contradictions have become valid enough to cause this game to have no use
in continuing. Unfortunately, there are no provisions for ending this
game. Even though there is a win condidtion (for which I have invoked),
there is still no end to this game. (I would also like to note that no
official resolution has come to the question of my win. Since Tom argued
over the legality of my win, a court needs to be invoked, however, a
Minister of Records is needed to invoke the court.)

It has also become clear that the main players of Simplex have dropped out
to form a new, better, constitution, which has the primary author of Tom
Mueller. I am helping in this endeavour, for I feel it is the best way
to solve our problems.

Therefore, I am resigning as Minister of Records, as of September 14,1998
0200 PDT. I will gather all my records, and archive all the e-mails
gathered before this time, and post them at:
I will do this within the next couple days.

Although Simplex has not officially ended, unless others continue to play,
it will only live as an abstract entity, forever having meaningless turns
in its abstact universe.

-Jeff Reinecke
Ex-Minister of Records

Jeffrey Reinecke