Subject: Announcement
From: Julian Sutter <>
Date: Sunday, September 13, 1998 21:58:04

Sorry all, but I cannot keep up with all of this simplex discussion. Not to
mention the fact that you all have lost me, with the 'thingies' and all.
So, I am afraid that I will have to withdrawal from this game of nomic, and
turn in my citizenship. I simply cannot keep up with 20+ messages per day.

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> Sent: Sunday, September 13, 1998 2:39
> To: Gabe Drummond-Cole; Nick LeToureau; Tom Mueller; Alex Perez; Eric
> Reinecke; Julian Sutter; Tyrrell McAllister; Jeff Reinecke
> Subject: Simplex:Mailing List
> I found where I can set up a Simlex mailing list. Then you only need one
> address, and it will automatically be forwarded to everyone. I'm not
> setting it up tonight, too tired, but I will set it up soon. The address
> for Simplex would be something on the lines of:
>, or something like that. It is free, user
> creatable, deleteable, and editable. I can also create multiple lists if
> needed. Come tothink of it, you could host a list too if you wanted.
> -Jeff
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