Subject: Re: Simplex: Up for another iteration?
From: Jeffrey Reinecke <>
Date: Sunday, September 13, 1998 02:22:34

There seems to be a lot of talk now about the fact that the current
Constituion is so bad (I really wish more people had helped me more
completely on the first one), that it is going to be a long, complex
struggle, where we all must unite instead of split into factions, if we
are ever to amend it.

The more popular thing that people are saying is that maybe we should
abandon this game all together, and start over. I propose, that, although
we haven't ended this game yet, a group of people should start work on a
new Constitution, which we all most vote in favour of before starting. I
think that this conventional committee should consist of Tom, Tyrrell,
myself (Jeff), and, if Gabe is interested, Gabe.

I believe that if do make a new Constituion, in order to avoid bad
problems ,it would be best to take a minimilist philosophy, for the less
rules that are present, the less loopholes there are that could lead to a
catastrophe. Therefore, we should only govern that which is neccessary
via the Constituion, and nothing else.

We can work on this, while the current game is progressing, but we need to
get together, and get organized.


Jeffrey Reinecke