Subject: Re: Simplex: Up for another iteration?
From: Jeffrey Reinecke <>
Date: Sunday, September 13, 1998 01:35:57

>I hesitate to interrupt this exciting exchange between Jeff and Tom, but I
>never could resist throwing in my two sunadas in a logic argument...

I won't make a copy of everything Tyrrell said, but I agree with Tyrrell.

I understand Tom's arguments, and agree they are valid, as Tyrrell has
laid them out so eloquently. Furthermore, he seems to have done a
wonderful job of paraphrasing my own logical proceedings.

Furthermore, I'd like to state, with final clarity, that I am looking as
objectively as possible upon all arguments over this state of affairs, and
all state of affairs concerning Simplex. For doing so in this way is the
only means of keeping myself from feeling like a fraud. Since my guilty
conciance is a powerful one, it forces me to only feel good aobut myself
if I stay as objective and honest as possible. Therefore, I'd like to say
that if I did see a flaw in my own logic, I'd be as quick to jump on it as
a flaw in Tom's. However, at this time, both logics seem equally valid to


Jeffrey Reinecke