Subject: Re: Simplex:Proposition Submission
From: Gabe Drummond-Cole <>
Date: Saturday, September 12, 1998 22:18:03

First of all, thank you for saying all those nice things about me. I
really don't deserve all of them, but hey, i can handle being
overcomplimented :_

> We'll figure out where I break and where you want to be,
>and find a nice compramise. Sound good? I really don't want you to
>leave, I just felt a littel overwhelmed. I also know that you don't wnat
>to break the game, and neither does anyone else. I admit that at first
>you did, but that was only because of a lack of understanding as to where
>that fine line between fun and chaos lay. No hard feelings?

None whatsoever. I will strive to keep my suggestions and game-changes
within reasonable bounds. I want to explore the development of a baby
nomic, and the worst way to do that is to break the nomic, either by
creating a dictatorship (hello, you and tom) or by splitting into factions.
I will try to be as non-partisan as i can, and i appreciate that you too
are willing to compromise.