Subject: Re: Simplex: Propositions
From: Mueller <>
Date: Saturday, September 12, 1998 18:26:59

>>I can't find the propositons on any webpage. The appropriate link on your
>>office's page leads to the law books.
>>Note that this is not sent to anyone else.
>Propositions are posted as such in the law book page. They are clearly
>marked as so. (If you have a Style Sheet compatible browser, they are
>written all in red, where as laws are black in white boxes, and invalid
>laws, are in white on black.) If you don't have s Style Sheet compatible
>browser, then look at the color of the square next to the prop number. If
>it is red it is a prop, if it is white, it is a law, and if it is black,
>it is a failed proposal/Invalid law.

but what is the address?

that is inaccessable from everywhere.