Subject: Re: Simplex: It's Showtime!
From: Gabe Drummond-Cole <>
Date: Friday, September 11, 1998 02:37:35

At 02:20 AM 9/11/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Now, I don't want to break the game, so if people are going to quit over
>this then I'll consider destroying my own power, but for now, let's find
>out how breakable Simplex is.
>As a public action I create the following two thingies:...

As a nomic player, i agree with tom's reasoning and hail him as dictator to
come. I fear the might of Muscle Man Murphy and suggest that you do the
same. In addition, as a public action, I create the following thingie:


Olaf Ragnorak the harfy rabid parrot


"Olaf Ragnorak the harfy rabid parrot pecks out the eyes of any player who
disagrees with Tom or with Muscle Man Murphy. No players can own Olaf
except for Gabe, known in Simplex as Mr. Harf. No players, including Gabe
and including Dictator Tom to be, can alter or remove Olaf in any way.
This takes precedence over any rule, law, proposal, act of Tom, or any
other thing in the future that would do so, including things that say that
they take precedence over this."

Hail Tom, All hail Muscle Man Murphy.

Fear Olaf Ragnorak.