Subject: Re: Simplex: All Hail His Might!!!!
From: Gabe Drummond-Cole <>
Date: Friday, September 11, 1998 03:11:04

As a public action, I create the following thingie:


The Harfy Golden Rod of Justice and Random Determination.


"Whenever any random determination is made, the holder of the Harfy Golden
Rod of Justice and Random Determination may decide to change the result of
any random determination by replacing the 'unjust' random determination
with a result from the same group of possible results of his or her choice.
This thingie can be given or traded away."

I give this thingie to Dictator-to-be and God-Emperor-to-be Tom.

Hail Tom, All hail Muscle Man Murphy.

Fear Olaf Ragnorak.

Mr. Harf (Gabe DC, head lackey to be)