Subject: Re: Simplex: Official Stance of Jeff
From: Gabe Drummond-Cole <>
Date: Saturday, September 12, 1998 10:54:50

At 04:16 AM 9/12/98 -0700, you wrote:
>The official stance of Jeff Reinecke, with his dictatorship powers, is
>JUST to make an amendment, repairing 211, so that he may never do
>something like htis again. He will put back everything else the way he
>found it. No propositions, other than one to repair 211, will be passed.
>He will put back 2004 the way he found it, as well as unpass 1001, and
>1003. He is going to take one liberty: he is not going to consider the
>amendment to 211 his proposition for this turn, and will submit it under a
>puppet player, which is created before submission, and automatically
>destroyed after submission, with whatever name he chooses. Furthermore,
>he will make no official calls on the validity of Muscle Man Murphy, or
>any other public or private actions. This should be left to the
>legitimate processess in place within Simplex. However, this does not
>stop Jeff, as a citizen, from making any claims or arguments, which any
>other citizen could legaly make. Thos claims just won't have any more
>precedence or power than any other citizen's. The last power Jeff will
>excercise, is, once that, Jeff has amended 211, he will step down from his
>position of dictator, relenquishing all powers he derived from this act,
>and returning to normal citizen status, with all the powers granted to a
>normal citizen.
>This was the only course of action that Jeff feels is morally within his
>limits. It was only his original intention to become dictator to show it
>could be done and fix it. It is important that he stick to his original
>intention, or all faith and trust in him will be lost, both by everyone
>else, as well as himself.
>(Although written in 3rd person, because it is 4am, and I am really tired,
>this was written by Jeff Reinecke, Dictator for the week (or day as it
>will turn out). The only reason I don't fix everything tonight is htat,
>after declaring myself dictator, I went to a party, and didn't come back
>until 4am. Bed is mor important than fixing what I have done. I'll fix
>it first thing tomarrow... even before breakfast! Granted I sleep in
>until 2pm or so.)
>Jeff Reinecke
>Dictator for the week (or day as is the case)

It's lucky that Simplex' Dictator(s) and Emperor(s) are so benevolent and
rational. If only the real world was the same. Thank you, Jeff.