Subject: Re: Simplex
From: Gabe Drummond-Cole <>
Date: Saturday, September 12, 1998 10:56:58

>I realize that you were just trying to add an element of humor to the
>game. I think I was just being frustrated that my free will had been
>taken away, when all of a sudden, all these useless things were being
>created that I had to keep track off. It became suddenlly overwhelimg to
>me. For my sake, let's try to make thingies via laws, so that record
>keeping is easier. Besides, it is arguable right now as to weather I have
>to acknowledge the thingies you (or Tom) have created. This will hopfully
>be resolved within the next couple days. i'm keeping all your thingie
>declerations, but will not deal with them in any official manor, until MMM
>is resolved. Sound like a good compromise?

sounds great. Just think: having your eyes pecked out doesnt matter at all :)