Subject: Re: Simplex: Dictatorship Ends!!! :)
From: Mueller <>
Date: Saturday, September 12, 1998 16:58:27

Gabe wrote:
>>The ability to submit more than one proposition per turn.
>>However, I feel that five is excessive for a turn, and
>>think that it should be decreased to no more than two.
>>How do others feel?
>I see a lot of things in the rules that seem to need
>changing, etc, and i just want to be able to start before
>i graduate. :) I think 2 is still a bit low, but i'd drop
>to 3 or 4... Just talking from my experience with
>Ackanomic, i really find it frustrating when there's
>significant delay between an idea coming out of my head
>and the idea reaching the ballot-box

I'd vote yes on 2,3 or 4. I agree that 5 might be too much.

Tom Mueller