Subject: Simplex: Dictatorship Ends!!! :)
From: Jeffrey Reinecke <>
Date: Saturday, September 12, 1998 16:11:21

What a relief. It is way too much pressure being dictator. I have passed
1005, which amended 211 to fix everything I utilized to become a dictator.
I am now stepping down from my dictatorship, effective 9/12/1998 16:08
PDT. I relinquish all powers I derived from becoming dictator, and am now
holding no more power than is provided to the average citizen.

Minster of Records

* * * * *

On a seperate note, gabe has changed his propostition into something I
have actually thought about. The ability to submit more than one
proposition per turn. However, I feel that five is excessive for a turn,
and think that it should be decreased to no more than two. How do others

Jeffrey Reinecke