Subject: Simplex: 211 Amendment
From: Jeffrey Reinecke <>
Date: Saturday, September 12, 1998 15:39:48

I have made a revised 211, via prop 2005, and the temporary citizen of
Harry the Handsome Executive. I will be taking comments on it for the
next few minutes, while I reread, and reread again, and so on, before
passing it (which I admit would be illegal if I hadn't misused the courts
to get me here). I hope people are happy with the changes I have made to
211. If they aren't, at least I can't do it again, and you can change it
just as easily as me.

2005 is the only thing I will pass/change, and will step down immediately
after finishing it.

Have fun, live long, prosper, submit propositions, and debate. That is
what this game is about. Breaking the game is no fun, only showing how
you can is.


Jeffrey Reinecke