Subject: Simplex: Remember what 115 actually says.
From: Mueller <>
Date: Friday, September 11, 1998 21:53:28

I had MMM veto Jeff's last action just for simplicities sake. I don't
think it mattered.

Law 115 says:

>Whatever is not prohibited or regulated by a law is
>permitted and unregulated, with the sole exception of
>changing the laws, which is permitted only when a law
>or set of laws explicitly or implicitly permits it.

Jeff making himself dictator effectively gave him a new name. He failed to
specify the effects of what this did. If he had, (and defined as I assume
he meant it) he would have realized that he still could not fiat Law
changes. That can only happen as the rules indicate.

Moreeover, there are many areas where 115 still does not apply. For
example, I cannot remove voting priviledges from anyone because the rules
say citizens may vote. If something is regulated, it can't be changed.
Morover, the laws themselves can be changed by nothing by the mechanisms
they outline.

Tom Mueller