Subject: Re: Simplex
From: Mueller <>
Date: Friday, September 11, 1998 17:38:37

At 02:27 PM 9/11/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Although 115 allows anyone to make any action, including the action of
>creating any item, I do not see in the rule set any law compelling any
>other individual to acknowledge the existence of the created item or to
>acknowledge that it possesses the specific properties described by the
>creator. The only entities for which the rule set compels recognition of
>existence at any given time are: the laws in existence at that time (law
>#101) , and propositions (as defined in law #103) for purposes of voting
>(law #104).
>With that in mind, I state the following.
>I have not, do not and will not, until further notice, officially
>acknowledge(d) the existence of any action, public or private, taken by the
>citizen of Simplex known as Tom Mueller when Simplex started, or by Gabe,
>known in Simplex as Mr. Harf, other than those actions which the rule set
>compels me to acknowledge, namely, proposing propositions and voting on
>I stress that this is not a public action, if public action were to be
>defined as "A public action is any communication to all the citizens of
>Simplex which
>can effect a thingie," (though to my official knowledge, it as never been
>defined as such before this moment) for the following reasons:
>1) to my official knowledge, no thingies exist.
>2) this communication, in and of itself, is not meant to affect any
>thingies, should they exist, but is only a public service statement
>describing certain current psychological properties of the citizen known as
>Tyrrell McAllister. Whatever the effects of Tyrrell McAllister's
>psychology may be, including those effects regarding thingies, they are not
>contained within this communication. They are only (in part) described.

A citizen is a thingie. There is a citizen known as Tyrrell McAllister in
the game Simplex. There is also a person known as Tyrrell McAllister that
I will probably see tonite which does not exist in Simplex. The former is
required to recognize the rules and things which occur from the rules (like
my actions), the latter is not. The latter can has any psychological state
he likes so long as citizen Tyrrell complies with the rules and things
which occur due to them.

Tom Mueller :)