Subject: Simplex: Starting the game
From: Mueller <>
Date: Tuesday, September 8, 1998 23:32:49

First, I'd like to note that from now on, (unless people start complaining)
I'll just send notes to everbody so that there's less time delay on the

Secondarily, I was voicing my opinions on the News page:

Among the current suggested names for the Game I like Simplex best.

As to monetary units (if they are to be included in the Constitution) I's
say go with pound both because I assume Jeff likes the Brit reference and I
think anything to francophilia is good.

As to the office which Jeff is holding (and doing a very thorough job at) I
prefer Minister of Records as the most accurate description of the job.
Perhaps if we ever join Internomic, the Minister of State could be our
representative there.

[Internomic: ]

Thirdly, if we could establish an informal protocol of sorts (to aid
filters) I am proposing that all messages sent, include "Simplex" in their
subject line, or whatever game name is nailed down, as I've done.

Fourthicus, it seems to me that Law 116, "The official title of this law
set, as well as any forms that this law set has transformed into, shall be
called Simplex" should name the game itself as opposed to the laws Simplex.

Fiviary, do we want to use our given names or nicks? I know Gabe wants to
be called Mr. Harf (or something phonetically identical to this). Do we
want to implement this in the constitution, later as a proposal, or not at
all? I think I would favor an informal description and let the proposal
process deal with it.

Tom Mueller