Subject: Re: See you found...
From: Mueller <>
Date: Tuesday, September 8, 1998 21:26:55

On 9/8/98 you wrote:
>I see you found another game of Nomic that hasn't gotten too big and
>complex yet... Only up to 313 right now. That makes three games of Nomic
>in all?
>Anyways, if my game doesn't succeed, I might try joining the small game
>that you found. I'll keep up with all the rules so as to not be out of
>the loop if I decide to join. My reluctance comes from the amount of work
>I will have running my game, as well as confusion from having to keep all
>these rule sets seperate in my head.

Doh! I thought I had found a game that no one would notice. A private
existence with people from Iowa...

Well, ther goes the neighborhood :)