Subject: Re: Nomic game (again)
From: Mueller <>
Date: Monday, September 7, 1998 02:28:44

At 10:54 PM 9/6/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Fourth, Rule 202 should provide more time for voting, less for discussion
>>and provisions for defaulting. What happens if somebody doesn't vote? Is
>>that non-unanimous as a no vote, fine as an abstention?
>I just realized that I may not have cleared this up properly. 206 gives
>provisions that I only need a unanimous decision among whomever voted
>within voting day. Therefore if only two people vote yes, and no one
>else sends a vote, 100% said yes. As for abstention, it is counted as a
>vote, as says so in at least two laws. Therefore, if 2 people vote yes,
>one votes no, and one abstains, 50% voted yes, 25% no, and 25% abstained.
>I just wanted a provision in case someone is lazy, late, or not interested
>enough to participate fully anymore. I didn't want their absense to
>destroy the passing of laws.
>I might make sure this is more explicitly stated, however, it may not be
>important as long as no one challenges it, for this is how I am counting
>it, and this is how it is implied.
>P.S.- I'll have another update up tonight, probly by midnight. Just
>thought you might like to know. Everyone else is at a network part, so
>isn't goin to have time to read the rules until tomarrow or the next day.

One last thing about time on voting...

If anyone has a problem getting to there email, then its no biggie for
discussion, but with a voting period of a day, it might pose difficulties.
If you're tied to the week thing, maybe four day discussion, three day vote
with no proposal mods during the voting period (so you could do so at the
beginning and not worry aboutit changing.)