Subject: Re: Nomic Buisness
From: Gabe Drummond-Cole <>
Date: Monday, September 7, 1998 03:22:39

At 12:07 AM 9/7/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Mr. Tom Meuller brought up an interesting, but non important question.
>What should we call our "country" if you will, to distinguidh it from
>other internet Nomic games? I had bee ncalling it Reinenomic due to my
>lack of creativity, and how the name reflects the main createor of the
>Constitution. This is where Tom comes into it. He said that it made it
>seem like an Imperialistic name, where I am closer to a dictator, than a
>lowley Secretary, who carries out the recording duties. I agree with him,
>and am ready to give it another official name. He decided to use a random
>approach. He opened the dictionary to a random page and his finger landed
>on "Simplex". That leads to the ideas "Simplex" and "Simplexnomic", or
>any other variation. However, we both liked just plain "Simplex". So,
>any other ideas? I need feedback here. Tom also thought that we should
>explicitly put the name into rule 101, so that it is integrated into the
>game better. However, I want it as a seperate rule, still immutable,
>therefore something like 116.


>On the naming thing, we had a dicussion about the name of my office:
>Secretary of State. He didn't like that, mostly because it implied the
>exsistance of other states (however, I think that that doesn't matter. If
>we wish to not aknowledge the exsistance of other games or creation of
>states, then it just implies that it is secretary of our whole game, which
>is a state.) I also thought that I liked the name Minister better than
>Secretary, and therefore Minister of the State would be good. This would
>also leave it open to create other ministries if needed. Comments?
>Suggestions? Opinions?

Minister of Harf

>The last thing is that there is no name for the points. I have set up the
>points to emulate a money system. The points, although worthless right
>now, are poised to become valuable. I decided that instead of imposing
>thier value, that there would be drive for the group to make it valuable.
>So anyways, back to the main point, I thought that a name would be nice.
>Not necessary, but nice. I was also thinking that, instead of reworking
>every law, just making a new one which declares the official name of the
>point, and putting it in the 100's. Here are some ideas for names, but
>suggestions would be nice: There is the Dollar, if we are unimagintive.
>The Pound, if we wish to stick with the British terminology. We could
>also name it after people, much like units in physics. Or non-sense words
>could be cool. Once again, Suggestions are needed.


>The other issue is, although the natural time unit for a turn (for me) is
>a week, do we want discussion for five days, and voting for two, or
>discussion for six days, and voting for one. I think that I like the two
>days of voting the more I think about it.

whatever, but call it a harf-interval instead of a week

>The last point at hand is I just want to make sure everyone knows who is
>Jeff Reinecke
>Eric Reinecke
>Tom Mueller
>Gabe Drummond-Cole
>Nicholas LeToureau
>ALex Perez
>Julian Sutter

I also think that we should have Nomic Nicknames and seperate from any
other of my suggestions hereby declare my Nomic Nickname for this nomic to
be Mr. Harf

>As I recieve confirmation of intent of gameplay, I'll add you to the
>official registry, which is also the point listing. Only by registry
>there are you recognised by the Secretary of State (or whatever we decide
>to call it) as a member. This registry is contined on the Secretary of
>State's office page:
>Also, if you ahve not do so, read the Constituion and mail me suggestions.
> The game of Nomic will not start until a reasonable number (i.e. more
>than half) the people are happy with it, however, I'd really like it if
>everyone is happy with it. I'd also like to try to start the game by
>Thursday morning at midnight, for I decided to set the start of turns
>every week at this time. But It isn't that important since I will be most
>likely changing it when school starts.
>Ok, this is really the last one. For discussion, I set up the list of
>e-mail addresses that is on this letter. If you don't wnat your mail sent
>to that address, let us know to change it. Also, try to keep discussions
>as public as necessary, without mailing more people than necessary. Too
>much mail is a bad thing. If anyone could write a newsgroup page for
>discussions, let me know. Maybe a different thread for each proposition
>would be good, and another page for general discussion?

sounds good... if you can include the word harf in any way in this part of
it, do so.

>Secretary of State
>Jeffrey Reinecke