Subject: RE: Simplex:SUMMONS AS JUDGE
From: Nick L. -AnArAx <>
Date: Sunday, September 13, 1998 14:16:05

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> From: Jeffrey Reinecke []
> Sent: Saturday, September 12, 1998 5:51 PM
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> Subject: Simplex:SUMMONS AS JUDGE
> Nick:
> You, Nick LeToureau have been summond as the random Judge in case 002, Tom
> Meuller vs. power of Olaf Ragnorak the harfy rabid parrot.
> I am sending a copy of this to Tom Mueller, and ask that he send us both
> an official statement (or you can declare your RFJ as your legal
> statement.
> Since Olaf Ragnorak the harfy rabid parrot is not a citizen, it seems to
> me cannot submit a statement, unless Nick decides otherwise, for he is the
> Judge, not me.
> Here is the RFJ sent by citizen Tom Mueller:
> *****
> Please submit the following PARROT delimited text to the citizens of
> Simplex by email as an RFJ with no one named.
> The thingie with the name Olaf Ragnorak the harfy rabid parrot states in
> its description:
> >Olaf Ragnorak the harfy rabid parrot pecks out the eyes of
> >any player who disagrees with Tom or with Muscle Man Murphy.
> >No players can own Olaf except for Gabe, known in Simplex as
> >Mr. Harf. No players, including Gabe and including Dictator
> >Tom to be, can alter or remove Olaf in any way. This takes
> >precedence over any rule, law, proposal, act of Tom, or any
> >other thing in the future that would do so, including things
> >that say that they take precedence over this.
> The applicable law in this case is Law 115 which states:
> >Whatever is not prohibited or regulated by a law is
> >permitted and unregulated, with the sole exception of
> >changing the laws, which is permitted only when a law or
> >set of laws explicitly or implicitly permits it.
> The parrot was created under the authority of 115 which defers all actions
> it permits to any other law. Therefore, though the parrot claims
> precedence over laws to be, it is not authorized to do so.
> The issue I'd like clarified by a judge is: Can Olaf Ragnorak the harfy
> rabid parrot be affected by Laws created in the future as I claim or not?
> If not why?
> *****
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as judge i state that yes it can because 115 states that it cannot change a
law and if a law states that it affected the parrot the law would have to be
changed to still be legal and not affect the parrot
Nick L -(AnArAx)