Radio Free Nomic

Cycle Wins

The Major Cycle of the Surfer Rosa (cycle 1)

Winner: illuminati fnord
Time: 14:42 on 31/8/98
Method: points
Title Gained: Grand Overlord of the Major Cycle of the Surfer Rosa

The Major Cycle of Aerodynamics (cycle 2)

Winner: Tic0
Time: 18:16 on 15/9/98
Method: Paradox (CFJ 139)
Title Gained: Pioneer of Aerodynamics

The Major Cycle of Inventions (cycle 3)

Winner: illuminati fnord
Time: 17:26 on 31/12/99
Method: points
Title Gained: Inventive Genius

This Major Cycle is Self-Referential (cycle 4)

Winner: CowJason
Time: 17:49 on 31/1/99
Method: Paradox (CFJ 150)
Title Gained: Holder of This Title

The Major Cycle of The Wild West (cycle 5)

Winner: Spindly Grimace
Time: 08:00 on 1/10/99
Method: points
Title Gained: The Fastest Gun in RFN

The Major Cycle of Jazz (cycle 6)

Title Gained: The Jazziest Funkateer in all Dixieland

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