Nomic Laws, Game 3

The laws, as of :

Law Law Text
First Law All players must agree to any changes to the game.
Bill Names A player may suggest a bill, which is given a brief, descriptive name by the player.
Bill to Law If all the players vote in favor of a bill, it becomes a law.
Law Contradictions If a proposed rule contradicts an older law in part or in whole, the player proposing the new rule must resolve the contradiction, either by specifically invalidating the earlier rule or by delineating the ways in which the rules interact.
Bill Tweaking If a player who objects to a bill would pass it with some changes, that player may submit amendments to the bill. If all players agree to these amendments, the amended bill can be passed without scrapping the original bill wholesale.
Abstention Any player may decide to abstain on any vote. This means that he or she has publicly stated his or her intention not to vote. The interaction with the Voting rule is therefore clear: if one or more players vote yes, and the remaining players abstain, the bill is passed and becomes a law.
Vacation A player may go on vacation for a period of time by informing all the players. During this time, the player is assumed to abstain on all votes.
Resignation Any player may resign from the game. They lose all say in whether or not a rule may be passed and no longer take part in any mechanism that these rules may define.
Initial Zorkmids A zorkmid is the unit of currency in this game. All players are hereby given 100 zorkmids. Zorkmids may be freely passed between players if both parties agree to the transaction.
Definition of Goal Rules may be goals. A rule is a goal if it says it is.
Ending the Game When there is a winner, the game is over.
Jobs A job is a set of responsibilities that a player agrees to do for compensation. Compensation must be something within the game, and may not be an external thing. A rule defining a job must give a title for that job, the necessary set of responsibilities, the compensation rewarded, and the name of the player who shall hold the position.
Dependency When a bill is specified, it may describe a set of bills on which it is said to be "dependent". When a bill with dependencies is passed, it does not go into effect until the bills it is "dependent" on are passed.
Zorkminder There is a job known as the "Zorkminder". The Zorkminder is charged with maintaining the laws, currently proposed bills, counting the votes, tracking the items that players own, and listing the jobs they have. The Zorkminder gets 2 zorkmids per day, payable in weekly installments. Jacob initially has this job.
Payday This bill is dependent upon "Jobs". All compensation for jobs that take the form of zorkmids shall be in weekly installments, to be considered effective at 4:30pm Eastern Time on Fridays.
Goof-Off Penalty This bill is dependent upon "Jobs". If a holder of a job is found by a unanimous vote of all other players to be delinquent in zir duties, zie shall forfeit zir pay for that week.
Amendment Marking Proposed bills with amendments shall be marked with a -1 after the bill name to call attention to its amended state. Additional amendments shall increment this number.
Voting All players are granted one vote per bill. Amendments of a bill shall reset the voting to zero; a player who voted for a bill is not presumed to have approved its evolutionary offspring.
Payment There exists a game entity called "the Bank". As of the passing of this rule, the Bank contains 5000 zorkmids. The Bank is responsible for all salary payments. The Bank also collects any fees that must be paid. Any purchase transactions are paid to the Bank. If the Bank runs out of funds, it may refuse to pay out until such time as it has funds again.
Outsider Interaction Only official players can vote on rules, but others may interact with the game and propose rules via a player sponsor. Only the sponsor may officially enter the bill into the game, giving credit to the bill's creator.
New Player A person may ask to become a player in this game by privately emailing the Zorkminder and asking permission. If all current players agree, then the Zorkminder adds the new player to the game. The new player automatically receives the starting allowance of zorkmids and any other benefits specified in the laws.
Automatic Self-Support Unless otherwise specified, the player that suggests a bill or motion is assumed to support that bill or motion. He or she may withdraw it before the bill or motion has been passed.
Dependency Elimination When a law has dependencies on bills that have been voted down, the law shall be struck from the record.
Amendment Reversion A player may reject a bill amendment, which would then return the bill to the verbiage and voting status prior to the amendment.
Grows on Trees Players without any other form of income shall be paid 3 zorkmids per week.
Lingo Wonk There is a job known as the "Lingo Wonk". The Lingo Wonk is charged with being a watchdog of grammar, spelling, and associated whatnot. The Lingo Wonk may revise any bills or motions to fix these things without permission of the players, and without changing the voting status of the bill or motion. The Lingo Wonk gets 5 zorkmids per week. Eric initially has this job.
Motion Names Motions are any suggested change to the game that is not a bill. A player may suggest a Motion, which is given a brief, descriptive name by the player. Motion names are preceded by *.
Non-retroactive No law is retroactive unless explicitly approved as such.
Prolonged Abstentions Any player who has not voted on a bill for five business days will be counted as having abstained. Players may be granted extension for greater consideration by stating their desire.
Goddess of Style There is a job known as the "Goddess of Style". The Goddess of Style, who will be referred to as female regardless of the actual gender of the holder of this job, will reward players who act in a particularly cool or interesting manner. She may give up to 100 zorkmids per week in total to players that she feels are deserving of such rewards. Heidi initially has this job.
Remove Deadwood If a player is not heard from for 30 days, and the player is not on Vacation, then that player is automatically removed from the game.
Objects The games has numerous objects, to be defined later in laws, which are unique, and a single player may possess at a time. Objects have certain abilities, or give players certain abilities, also spelled out in later laws.
Zorkmerce A zorkmerce is a place where zorkmids may be traded for other items.
Job Switching A jobholder can be removed from zir job and the office transferred to another player only through a unanimous vote of all players except the jobholder.
Miss Manners There is a job known as "Miss Manners". Miss Manners, who will be referred to as female regardless of the actual gender of the holder of this job, will answer questions about Nomic etiquette, and will have power to enforce her interpretation of good etiquette. This job pays 5 zorkmids a week. Peter initially has this job.
Spiteful Bankers This bill is dependent on "Payment". If any player has more money than the Bank, the bank invokes an arcane financial loophole (intrinsic to the long-running game of Nomic that the bankers are playing) to default on payments to that player.
Enpee Bees There exists within the game a category of entities called, collectively, "Non-Player Beings (NPB's)". NPB's can collect zorkmids through transactions with either players or the Bank. NPB's funds shall be kept track of by the Zorkminder separately from the funds in the Bank. Any bill or motion introducing a new NPB must explicitly declare the NPB as such, similar to the way new jobs are introduced. NPB's may have items or services that the players wish to buy or contract; prices shall be set explicitly, either in the bill introducing the NPB or later bills.
AtoZzes This bill is dependent on Objects. There exists a set of 104 Objects called AtoZzes. Each AtoZ is marked with a word, preferably a noun, appended by "/AtoZ". The first player to purchase an AtoZ gets to name it. The words are distributed on the AtoZzes in such a way that there are no more than 4 AtoZzes whose words begin with each letter of the alphabet.
AtoZmart This bill is dependent on Zorkmerce and AtoZzes. AtoZmart is a Zorkmerce in which zorkmids and AtoZzes may be traded. Each AtoZ costs 1 zorkmid, but no one can buy from an AtoZ from the AtoZmart that starts with the same letter as one he or she currently holds. The AtoZmart will buy back for 16 zorkmids sets of 4 AtoZzes that all begin with the same letter. The AtoZmart's funds are discrete from the Bank, and it starts with an initial 128 zorkmids.
The AtoZ Grey Market This bill is dependent upon AtoZzes and AtoZmart. Players may exchange AtoZzes for AtoZzes and AtoZzes for zorkmids in any combination to which the involved players agree. They may also conduct these transactions in any location (including, but not limited to, the AtoZmart).
Dan Ravipinto's Legacy The Goddess of Style shall have priests and priestesses, each with as entertaining names as possible. Every month, on the 13th, they will place Curiously Yellow flowers on the altars of their temples in memory of the passing beyond of the Nomic Universe by he who conceived them. This may not ever have to be mentioned again, other than to remain in the rules.
Hugs & Nugs Dependent upon Zorkmerce and EnPee Bees. Hugs & Nugs is an NPB-owned zorkmerce in which zorkmids may be traded for hugs or nugs (mood/mind altering chemicals). A player may buy nugs from Hugs & Nugs for 18 zorkmids each. The player then must give away the hug within five business days to another player. Trading hugs for anything is not allowed. If the hugs is not given away within five business days, the player who bought the hug from the zorkmerce will be fined 48 zorkmids. The hug buyer/giver is considered a virgin priestess of the Goddess of Style for that five day period.
Hug Goal To achieve this goal, a player must have collected a hug from each other player.
Dragons Each player owns a pet dragon, 2 meters long.
Writing Spells A player may write a spell, giving it a unique name, precise parameters, specific effects, and cost. Any player may buy the spell from the writer.
Casting Spells A player who owns a spell can cast it at any time by informing the rest of the players. The writer of the spell may not cast it. The spell is then used up.
Spell Limitations A spell cannot refer to a specific player.
Single Spell Purchase A player cannot buy the exact same spell from someone twice.
Shelving When a bill is "Shelved," it is put off indefinitely, but not rejected, allowing players to continue to consider the bill without constantly asking for extensions as per Prolonged Abstentions. A bill is considered shelved when the number of votes required to reject the bill are cast as "Shelf" instead.
Within the Law No spell can be written or cast that will have the effect of circumventing any Nomic law. Anyone can question the legality of a spell by appealing to Miss Manners, who shall be the judge.
Bride of Last Will and Temperament Any quitting player is allowed to donate whatever possessions they own to other players, at will. The default is to have all funds returned into the Bank, and all objects returned to their points of origin, leaving the other players only a Boot to the Head.
Magic Bag Everyone has a magic bag into which all objects are assumed to be placed, unless stated otherwise. Once an object is placed into this bag it is inventoried and stored in a personal area of the ether that expands as items are put into it. Objects can be removed from the ether at any time by reaching into the bag.
Bag Lady There is a job known as the "Bag Lady". The Bag Lady, who will be referred to as female regardless of the actual gender of the holder of this job, will keep track of the objects that each player has attained through purchase, trade, gifts, or other means. She shall also maintain a web page that lists each player's inventory. The Bag Lady gets 5 zorkmids per week. Kristin initially has this job.
Dragon Benefit Classification Dependent on Dragons. Benefits conferred by ownership of a dragon can be divided into 2 classes: Active and Passive. Active benefits require that the dragon be present with the player, conscious, in good health, and the like. Passive benefits are conferred by the "aura" of the dragon, and require only that the dragon be in the player's immediate vicinity.
No Pets, Please Dependent on Dragon Benefit Classification. There are places where dragons are not allowed to go. One of these is the Great Market, where all zorkmerces are located.
Gone Huntin' Dependent on Dragon Benefit Classification and Feeding Time. A dragon may be sent away to forage for its own food. If a player chooses to exercise this option, the dragon will be gone for one full calendar week. During this time, the player will enjoy neither the active nor the passive benefits of their dragon.
Abandoned Dragons Dependent on Gone Huntin' and No Pets, Please. If a dragon is separated from its owner at feeding time, it will go foraging of its own accord, and will continue to forage until it is summoned by the owner (Players have the ability to summon their dragons.), provided that it has already had a full week to forage for food.
Travel Insurance Players on vacation from the game are immune from bad things happening to them in the course of the game. This law shall not extend to "the real world".
Bride of Abandoned Dragons Dependent on Gone Huntin'. If a dragon's owner is on vacation when their dragon needs to be fed, it will automatically go foraging. It cannot be called back for a full calendar week, regardless if the player returns from vacation before then.
Lisa Wong, Petsitter Dependent on Bride of Abandoned Dragons. There is an NPB named Lisa Wong. For 1 zorkmid per feeding, plus expenses, she will come to your dragon and feed it so It won't go foraging. At the time of this bill's introduction, "expenses" are considered to be the cost of dragon food.
Subsidies The AtoZ Manufacturers' Lobby has succeeded in getting the House of Parliamentarian Senatorial Representation to pass a resolution granting tax incentives worth a net gain of 9 zorkmids per week from the Bank to the AtoZmart.
Sell Short The AtoZmart will pay 3 zorkmids for any group of 4 *non*-matching AtoZzes.
Hungry Dragons Dependent on Edible Items and Gone Huntin'. Dragons get hungry once a week and will eat something. If it has not been sent to forage it will try to find food. First, it will rummage through its player's magic bag looking for anything that has been designated edible and eat the object or item with the highest tasty rating in an amount that will tide it over for a week. If there are insufficient edibles in the magic bag, it will go foraging of its own accord. If there is no other food and it cannot, for some reason, go foraging, it will try to eat its player.
Edible Items Objects and Items, both new and pre-existing, can be labelled edible. These are edible to all game entities that need to eat. The edibility definition must state the number of each that would satisfy a 2-meter long dragon for 1 week. Other entities' food requirements must be defined relative to a 2-meter long dragon. The food requirements of a dragon will vary proportionately with its length. The edibility definition must also give a tasty rating that is unique and will generally fall between 0 and 100. The higher the rating the tastier it is.
Items The games has numerous items, to be defined later in laws, which are not unique, which may be owned by players, NPBs, or Zorkmerces. Items may have certain abilities or characteristics, or give players certain abilities, also spelled out in later laws.
Dragons like Virgins Dependent on Hoarding. Passive Dragon Benefit. Every week in which a dragon owner becomes a "Virgin Priestess of the Goddess of Style," the dragon will work extra hard and find twice as much as it would otherwise. If the owner is not able to receive passive dragon benefits, the dragon will find only its normal amount of bounty to hide its secret lair.
Dragon Rations-Edible Dependent on Edible Items. A Dragon Ration is an edible Item that can be purchased at the Pet Store for 15 zm. One Dragon Ration will satisfy a Dragon for 1 week. It has a tasty rating of 95.
Benefits Package After the second consecutive Payday that a player is on vacation, they will receive the Grows on Trees amount as a salary.
Trinkets There are Items called Trinkets. Trinkets have no special function other than to be shiny and decorative. If a players introduces a new trinket into the game, zie is encouraged to give it a unique name, if zie's feeling at all creative; however, this is not a requirement.
Hoarding Passive dragon benefit. Dragons like to collect things and will give these things to their owners as long as the owner is entitled to receive passive benefits. For each two meters in length, each week a dragon will find 10 zorkmids and 1 Trinket, to be described by the dragon's owner. If the owner is not able to receive passive dragon benefits, the dragon will hide its bounty away in its own secret lair. The Bag Lady will keep track of what is in each dragon's secret lair. Treasure stored in a dragon's secret lair is not shared with the dragon's owner if passive dragon benefits are regained by the owner.
Feeding Time Foo, bar, baz, ban. We need this bill to pass, if it can.
Winning If all players have achieved at least two goals, and one player is the first and only player to achieve the sum the goals achieved by any two other players, that person wins the game. This shall not be exclusive of other victory conditions, to potentially be determined.
Most Toys Goal This is a goal. Any player who has at least twice as many objects or items in zir magic bag as the player with the next most items and objects may claim the Most Toys Goal and must then give everything away to charity. All objects and items carried by the player disappear from the magic bag, never to be seen again. Hugs and Spells do not count towards this goal, and are not given away.
Easy Off/Easy On The Pet Store zorkmerce is strategically located on the very edge of the Great Market, and as such is exempt from No Pets, Please.
Edible AtoZzes Dependent on Edible Items. AtoZzes are edible. It takes 4 Atozzes to feed a 2-meter long dragon for 1 week. All AtoZzes have a taste evocative of the word written upon them. The base tasty rating for an AtoZ is 15. Each player can set higher or lower ratings for individual AtoZzes based on the perceived tastiness of the AtoZ word. Once an AtoZ is eaten, that letter becomes available again at the AtoZmart. Given two AtoZzes with equal tasty ratings, the one earlier in the alphabet will be considered slightly tastier for decision-making purposes.
Game Over, Dude Despite any other rules to the contrary, whoever has the most titles wins this game of Nomic. If two people have the same number of titles, they both win.

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