Nomic Suggested Rules, Game 2

As of 9/9/98, the following rules were under consideration:

Murder: If a player with a loaded gun is in the same location as a human player, he can shoot him. For every shot, the Warden will flip a coin. If it comes up heads on any flip, the victim is dead.
Acceptances: Jacob, Andy, John, Zarf

Paradox: If a player finds that the rules both require and forbid him to take a particular action, the game ends and that player wins.
Acceptances: Zarf, Jacob, John, Andy

Let there be Trolls: There are trolls who live in the mountains that surround the valley in which the forest with its nearby caves are located. The trolls are the sworn enemies of the fairies, but are tolerant of humans.
Acceptances: Andy, Jacob, Zarf

Ambassador to the Trolls: The office of Ambassador to the Trolls is an appointed office. It is initially vacant; the President must immediately appoint someone to this office upon the passage of this rule.
Acceptances: Andy, Jacob, Zarf

Let there by Coyotes: Coyotes also live in the mountains. The coyotes are fearful of trolls, but will attack humans if unaccompanied by a troll. Coyotes can also be frightened off by gunfire. An unarmed human who stays in the mountains longer than one day without gaining safe passage from the trolls will be attacked and killed by the coyotes.
Acceptances: Andy, Jacob, Zarf

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