Nomic Rules, Game 2

The rules, as of 9/9/98:
  1. [White] Players take turns suggesting new rules.
  2. [White] All players must agree to a new rule for it to be accepted.
  3. [White] Propositions for rules will be named by the creator, while approved new rules will be numbered from 3 to n, in chronological order of approval.
  4. [White] No player may suggest a new rule until the previous rule he suggested has either been accepted or rejected.
  5. [White] If there is a disagreement about the interpretation of a rule, a majority of votes cast shall determine the accepted interpretation, once all players have had a chance to vote. The interpretation shall take effect as soon as the outcome cannot be affected by further votes.
  6. [White] A vote is conducted by:
  7. [White] Each player begins the game with 20 bucks. A buck is a unit of Nomic currency.
  8. [White] A player gets ten bucks if his rule is accepted.
  9. [White] Once a player other than the proposer casts a vote on a rule, he may not change that vote. The proposer is assumed to vote yes, but he alone has the right to change his vote to no, providing he does so before all other players have voted yes. After making this change, he cannot change his vote again.
  10. [White] A player may declare himself to be on sabbatical by so informing the other players. He is then no longer a player; he is instead referred to as an absentee. An absentee may return from sabbatical, becoming a player again (and no longer an absentee), by so informing all the players. An absentee retains the bucks he had as a player through the process of going onto and off of sabbatical.
  11. [White] It costs one buck to suggest a new rule.
  12. [White] If two or more rules conflict with each other, the rule with the greatest assigned number (see rule 3) will override those conflicts.
  13. [White] When the order of two game actions is important to the outcome of those actions, then they will be processed based upon the date and time on the e-mail messages. In case of ties, the mail message that the moderator receives first will be done first. When a player makes two actions in the same mail message, the one mentioned first is acted upon first.
  14. [White] If a rule, or part of a rule, is interpreted to be useless because of newer rules that blot them out or state the same thing, then that rule, or part thereof, is stricken from the record. Rules will not be renumbered.
  15. [White] Bullets cost 3 bucks each. A gun costs 100 bucks.
  16. [White] The voting process is concluded when further votes cannot affect the outcome of the vote. There is no need to wait for all the players to make their votes known. It is assumed for the purpose of this rule that the players are not going to change their votes.
  17. [White] Every rule has a color (red, green, blue, white (all colors) or black (no color)). The color is (optionally) declared by the proposer of a new rule, although it may be changed as a rule change later. A rule which is proposed and accepted with no color is assumed to be white.
  18. [White] Players may suggest a change to an existing rule. All rules that apply to suggesting a new rule also apply to suggestions for a changed rule, except that a changed rule does not get a new rule number.
  19. [White] Players may trade bucks, votes, or whatever they own or control in this game. They do so by indicating to all the other players the terms of the trade. If all players involved in the deal agree to the terms, the trade is carried out as soon as all the terms are met.
  20. [White] Each player owns a cave, which he initially occupies. All of the caves are located on the periphery of a forest.
  21. [White] The President of the World is an elected office which is open to all players. Presidential Elections are held at the beginning of each month, and are conducted through the established voting process. To be elected, a candidate must state his intention to seek office (and pay 5 bucks) before the first day of the month, upon which day voting will begin. The winner of an election will be the candidate with the most votes; in the event of a tie, the previous vote is discarded and a new one immediately taken. The President will be paid a salary of 10 bucks every Sunday during his one month term. However, until defined by future rules, the President shall have no special powers or authority over other players.
  22. [White] There is a limit of 1000 total bucks in this game. The treasury starts with any bucks that the players do not; it pays players for new rules, salaries, or whatever rewards to which they are entitled, and it collects any fees, taxes, or whatever penalties which they must pay. If the treasury is to pay a player but does not have funds to pay in full, it will pay as much as it can and the rest of the debt must be paid by the current President. If both the treasury and the President are out of money, they will not give bucks to players, nor will they owe it to them.
  23. [White] A player can move from any location to any other location in which he is permitted, by declaring he is moving. This movement is immediate. Entering another player's cave is only permitted while that player is not occupying the cave, or when given permission by the cave's owner.
  24. [White] White rules apply wherever you are. Green rules apply when you are in the forest. Blue rules apply when you are in your own cave. Red rules apply when you are in someone else's dwelling, including that of a non-player.
  25. [White] There is a treehouse in the forest which is reserved for use as needed by the current President. The Presidential treehouse is painted white.
  26. [Green] Fairies live in the forest.
  27. [White] The incumbent president is automatically nominated for the next presidential election, free of charge, even if he does not wish to run.
  28. [White] A player may move from one location to another only once per day, unless he takes the Taxi. The taxi costs 5 bucks.
  29. [White] The Tax Man is an elected office, and he is elected in the same way that the President of the World is, except that it costs only 3 bucks to run for Tax Man. The Tax Man may declare once a month that there is not enough money in the treasury and impose an equal tax on everyone, including himself. This tax is paid immediately from the players to the treasury. The Tax Man is not paid a salary.
  30. [White] In suggesting a new rule, a player may group together as many as 3 related rules under a single proposal. Rules packaged thusly may be individually voted for or against, and costs and payoffs associated with the rules are charged and rewarded individually. As per rule 4, the player may not suggest any new rules until all those in the package have been accepted or rejected.
  31. [White] An appointed office is governed as follows:
  32. [White] The office of Ambassador to the Fairies is an appointed office. It is initially held by John.
  33. [Green] If you are killed, you become a zombie.
  34. [Blue] If you are killed, you become a poltergeist.
  35. [Red] If you are killed, you become a ghost.
  36. [White] There is an unoccupied cave not far from the other caves, which has a steel grate bolted onto its entrance. The grate has a lock which can only be opened by use of the keys to the jail.
  37. [White] The task of operating the jail is an appointed office. The Warden holds the keys to the jail. The position is initially held by Rob.
  38. [White] Anyone who kills another player shall be confined to the Jail for one month.
  39. [Green] Large gems are sold by the fairies. A player may buy one gem each time he moves to the forest from another location. The first gem sold by the fairies will cost 20 bucks. The money spent on a gem does not go to the treasury.
  40. [White] No one is permitted to cross through a locked door or an impassable mountain range.
  41. [White] The undead may not hold any public offices.
  42. [White] Convicts may not hold any public offices.
  43. [White] If the current holder of an elected public office becomes ineligible to hold the office, emergency elections will be held. Candidates have five business days to nominate themselves, or until the first day of the month, whichever is sooner. Otherwise, the elections will be held as normal.
  44. [White] Every Gem sold by the Fairies to a particular player shall cost 20 bucks plus 20 bucks for every gem currently owned by, and/or in the personal cave of, the buyer.
  45. [White] On the edge of the forest there is a town called Damaul. In Damaul there are several shops, including Wanda's Weapon Shop, where all weapons and armament can be purchased. Red rules apply in Damaul.
  46. [White] Hugo the Healer has a shop in Damaul. For 150 bucks he can raise the dead. For an extra 50 bucks he'll make a house call.
  47. [White] The Acme company is a mail order company. If you send them 40 bucks they will deliver a magic safe to your cave, which only the cave's owner can open. Allow 1 week for delivery.
  48. [White] The undead may not cross the edge of any pentagram, the living may.
  49. [White] The current President has at his disposal a limousine, which enables him to ignore rule #28.
  50. [White] The fairies are building a "Rules Bomb". When the Rules Bomb goes boom, three rules will be eliminated. The rules will be randomly chosen by Jake.
  51. [White] The Rules Bomb will explode when the treasury reaches zero.
  52. [White] When the Rules Bomb explodes, in addition to the random three rules, this rule and both rule 50 and rule 51 will also be eliminated.
  53. [White] A poltergeist cannot its change location at all. A poltergeist has total control over all the physical objects in its location.
  54. [White] Ghosts move in the ethereal plane, and while they can be seen, they cannot affect the physical world nor are they bound by physical restraints.
  55. [White] Zombies move very slowly, since they cannot take taxis and can only move to a new location every two days. If a zombie says "I'm going to eat your brains!" to a human player in the same location as he is, and the human does not leave that location in three days, then the zombie can succeed in killing the human.
  56. [White] The player who suggests a new rule or rule change can revise his suggestion, at any time before voting is concluded. There is no fee for this. It may be done even if the player has other rules or changes unresolved. The name of the proposal is changed by appending a revision number "rev.1", or incrementing the revision number if there already is one. When a rule or rule change is revised, all votes previously cast on it are cancelled.

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