Nomic Rules, Game 1

The rules, as of :

  1. Players take turns suggesting a new rule.
  2. All players must agree to a new rule for it to be accepted.
  3. The turn order is: Jacob, Elliot, Jonah, Josh, Lisa.
  4. A player scores one point if his or her rule is accepted.
  5. A player who has not responded to a suggested rule in two business days is assumed to agree with the suggested rule.
  6. The game ends when a round is completed and someone has 10 or more points. In case of a tie at the end of the round, the game continues until the tie is broken. The winner gets a book from each of the losers (the book being the choice of the loser).
  7. The purpose of the game is to devise a set of mutually acceptable social or moral theses.
  8. If a rule interpretation is in dispute, a plurality vote will determine the accepted interpretation.
  9. A player scores one-and-a-half points is his or her social or moral thesis is accepted.
  10. Any social and moral thesis must be compatible with self-interest.

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