Composite Report of Economic Activity for Week Ending 2/2/96:


Beginning of turn:
7 letters: 2 N's, 1 O, 1 T, 1 H, 1 A, 1 R
1 I farm
1 machine:

Economic actions:
1/29 - Ate OATH for 2 labor points.
(I ate it, the whole it, and nothing but it.)
1/29 - Spent 1 labor point to work the I farm, harvested 5 I's.
1/30 - Traded 1 I for 1 H with Brandon.
1/30 - Traded 1 labor point for 1 O and 1 T with Dr. West.
1/30 - Traded 1 I for 1 A with T Tony T.
1/30 - Traded 1 I for 1 X with Cap N Oni
(this was before oni announced that it would come in a plain brown package)

End of turn:
10 letters: 2 I's, 2 N's, 1 R, 1 O, 1 T, 1 X, 1 H, 1 A
1 I farm
1 machine:

Cap'n Oni

begining inventory
6 x's
thrus or so traded alix an x for an i
fri traded david an x for an o
sat traded hugh 3 x's for 3 r's
sat traded john an X for a t
sat dined upon T otally
O rganic
R ind
I nfusion
Or it could be people loyal to the pumkin throne.
gave the resulting two labor points to the pumkin in return of later
ending inventory
2 r's
no machines
one x farm
gee I may have to hang out the will work for food sign next week!
that wraps up this weeks report
cap n oni out

Sbuchana, esq, conservator, on behalf of Hatha Yoga:

Beginning of turn:
1 E Commune
No Machines (no faith in industrial development)

1/30/96: Awoke this morning, drank water. Traded Brandon an E for an H.
If I had a hammer, I'd hammer now.
1/30/96: Took a nap, awoke later. Traded The Pumpkin an E for a T.
2/1/96: Second day of fasting. Traded the ever-rushful Pat J.R. an E
for a Z. Spent rest of afternoon admiring that Z.
2/2/96: 9:05 A.M. Ate ITZE, leaving EEH in tupperware for later.
2/2/96: Gaining 2 labor points for my recommended weekly allowance
2/2/96: Spending one labor point to work the farm, gaining 5 E's.
2/2/96: Spending other labor point to convert an E to a B.

End of Turn:
6 E's. 1 B. 1 H.
1 E commune
No machines (you know why)


Beginning of turn:

7 T's
1 I
1 O
1 E
1 R
One T farm
No machines


Mon --- traded one T for one E with Scott
Thurs - traded one T for one H with Brandon
Sat --- traded one T for one X with Cap'n (Perry) Oni

Ate a balanced diet of T HIX (which describes my farm hands), producing 2
labor points.

Invited Cap'n (Perry) Oni's hands (two more points worth) over to my land
for a big land-clearing project. You see, there's this idle field that
needs to be worked a little in order to grow stuff.

I took all four points and started a new letter farm. This is going to
be an 'S' Farm.

End of turn:

3 T's
1 O
2 E
1 R
One T farm
One S farm
No machines (We're true Luddites)


Beginning of turn: 2 A's R H I T O

Eat: ARHT for 2 Labor Points
Work Farm: get 5 N's
Build Machine: N
Trade: Tony's A for my N
Again, Tony's A for my N
End of Turn: 3 A's 1 N 1 I

Machine: N

(5 points)


Beginning of turn:

4 A's, one R
one machine:

Traded w/ Militant A --- one A for one I
Traded w/ Brandon ---- one A for one H
Traded w/ Michele ----- one A for N
Ate: HAIN for 2 labor points
Worked my A farm: gained 5 A's
Traded w/ Michele ----- one A for one N
Added to machine:
added RAN as new last line

End of Turn:
3 A's
One machine:


Beginning of Turn
Letterstock: HHHHH, A
One word machine
One H Farm

Economic Activity
1/29-Traded an H for an E with Scott
1/30-Traded an H for an I with Alix
2/2 -Traded an H for an A with Tony
2/2-Traded an H for a T with John

2/4- Devoured IHAE for Two Labor Points

Used one labor point to work the H farm which left me with HHHHH, A, T
Used one labor point to add HAT to my word machine

End of Turn
Letterstock: HHHH
One word machine
One H Farm

Hugh J.R.:

begin of turn:
8Rs, A,I,T
1 R farm

eco action:
Sat. traded RRR for XXX with Oni
note: this trade was made by my adolescent son J.R. Jr.
It was without my consent; what's done is done.
Sat. traded 3Rs for 3-Os with David
Sun. ate X-RAI for 2 labor points (J.R. Jr.'s gunna need an X-ray)
Sun. spent 1 labor point to work R-Ranch
Sun. spent 1 labor point to convert an R into a Y (Y not?)

end of turn:
1 R-Ranch
12 letters in stock: RRRRTRY OXOXO
(J.R.Jr promised to Really, Really, Really, Really TRY to straighten up
his behavior; then we had a family hug)


Beginning of Turn:
1 T
1 I
1 machine: O

1/30: Gave Alix 1 O and 1 T in exchange for 1 labor point.
1/30: Used the labor point to work the farm.
2/2: Traded an O for an X with Perry.
2/3: Traded 3 O's for 3 R's with Hugh.

End of Turn:
6 O's
3 R's
1 X
1 I
1 machine: O
1 O farm

Pat [No report filed]

Beginning of Turn:
5 Z's
1 I
1 Z farm

Traded 1 Z for 1 E with Scott

End of Turn:
4 Z's
1 I
1 E
1 Z farm

Lingo [No report filed]:

Beginning and End of Turn:
3 T's, 1 I, 1 O
1 T farm


End of Turn:
5 V's
1 V farm


Alix: 10
Perry: 2
Scott: 8
John: 7
Michele: 5
Tony: 3
Brandon: 4
Hugh: 12
David: 11
Pat: 6
Lingo: 5
Mike: 5