Proposal Archive: 341 to 350

Proposal 341


Enact a new Rule, with the text of the following paragraph:-

Any Player may report a Thought Crime as being perpetrated by another Player - this is achieved by sending an email with a subject line of "Reporting Thought Crime" to the mailing list, detailing the perpetrator. A Player may not report Thought Crime if e has already done so in the past twenty-four hours.

To Rule 327, add the following events and point adjustments:-

Power to the People!

Proposal 342


In Rule 202, replace 'naming the author and specifying the deadline for voting.' with 'specifying the deadline for voting. The name of the proposal's author, however, may not be disclosed until the completion of voting.'

In Rule 327, adjust the Treason modifiers for voting for and against the HoSP's Proposals, replacing 'made by the HoSP' with 'containing the text "This Proposal was made by the HoSP."'.

{Far more appropriate, really. And yes, I know anyone can legally put 'This Proposal was made by the HoSP' in their Proposals; the HoSP is free to deny it when e distributes the Proposal, the Secret Police are free to Suspect anyone who lies about such things.}

Power to the People!

Proposal 343


{A reproposal of Proposal 330, which everyone seemed in favour of.

Note that this Proposal attempts to transmute an Immutable, and thus (unless Immutability gets repealed in the mean time) requires unanimity; please don't vote this down unless you've a particularly good reason to do so. Power to the people! }

Make Rule 104 a Mutable Rule, if the concept of Mutability exists.

Amend Rule 104 to read:-

Each Proposal should be given a name by its Proposer, and is given a reference number by the Umpire. The first proposal shall be numbered 301 and each subsequent proposal shall be numbered with the next successive integer, whether or not the proposal is adopted. If a Proposal is not given a name when submitted, the Umpire may add one. A newly enacted Rule receives the name of the Proposal (or Proposal section) which enacted it, and it is given a number one higher than the current highest Rule number.

If any existing Rules do not have names, the Umpire is free to assign names of eir choosing to them, whenever e wishes. The Umpire may remove this paragraph from the ruleset whenever e wishes.

{Bit of a tweak in the second paragraph - the current "a newly enacted rule receives the number of the proposal to enact it" doesn't really work when you've got Proposals that enact more than one Rule, and the "next lowest available integer" is a bit of a counter-intuitive and awkward way of dealing with it.}

Make Rule 104 Immutable, if the concept of Mutability exists.