Proposal Archive: 331 to 340

Proposal 331

[submitted by Kevan; ]

Within the world of Paranomic, there are a number of Locations, each capable of holding any number of Players. At any given time, each Player is considered to be situated at a single Location. The following Locations exist, some of them carrying special rules.

Whenever a new Player joins the Nomic, e is placed in the Housing Block.

Unless restricted by a Rule, a Player may Travel from one Location to another at whim. This is achieved by announcing such an intention to the mailing list, in a message with a subject line of "Travelling to <Location>", where "<Location>" is that which e wishes to move to. When this message appears on the mailing list, the posting Player is considered to have moved to eir stated Location.

No Player may Travel more than once per day.

Upon Enactment of this Rule, all Players shall be placed in the Housing Block. This paragraph will then remove itself from the Ruleset.

Proposal 332

[submitted by Fraser; ]

Enact a new rule as per the following CONTRACT delimited text:

The game position of Registrar exists. The Registrar shall receive an additional salary of P100 at the interval specified in rule 314.

Recognising that there are some Players of the game who have temporary or permanent responsibilities under the rules of the game, and that those responsibilities may oft-times be onerous, such Players may offer to delegte some or all of them to another Player or other Players.

If a Player wishes to do this, they must indicate, either privately or in the public forum, which responsibilities they wish to delegate. If any contacted Players wish to accept this offer, they should privately draw up a contract. The contract must clearly state the following:

  1. which Players are parties to the contract, by email address
  2. which responsibilities are being delegated
  3. what compensation, if any, shall be transferred to the delegate for the performance of the responsibilities
  4. how the contract may be terminated
  5. whether the contract is public or confidential

Any compensation under part 3. must be transferred using legal game mechanisms.

Once the contract has been finalised, all players party to the contract should submit identical copies to the Registrar via private email, as evidence of all players agreement to it. The Registrar shall consider a contract valid and binding if and only if all players submit such copies within 72 hours of each other, and at such time shall notify all parties to the contract by private email that it is now in effect.

If a contract is marked as "public", the Registrar shall also submit a copy of the contract to the public forum.

If at any time any party to a contract feels that another is not fulfilling a contractual obligation to them, they may sue that other player for Breach of Contract. In such a case, resolution is obtaining in the same manner as invoking Judgement, save that the Registrar is automatically selected as the Judge. This overrules rule 209.

Any player found guilty of Breach of Contract shall be fined the sum of 500 Pounds. If the player is unable to pay this fine, other penalties may be imposed at the discretion of the Judge.

Proposal 333 "Mutate the Immutable!"

[submitted by Fraser;]

{Comment: attempts to remove the concept of immutability.}

Transmute all immutable rules to mutable.

Amend rule 101 to read:

"Rules numbered lower than 100 are constitutional rules and may not be amended or repealed. All other rules are mutable."

Remove the following bullet point from rule 102:

"the transmutation of an immutable rule into a mutable rule, or vice versa."

Remove the words "or transmuted" from rule 104.

Repeal rule 108.

Amend rule 109 to read: "In a conflict between a constitutional rule and any other rule, the constitutional rule always takes precedence."

Amend rule 208 to read:

"If two or more mutable rules conflict with one another then the rule with the lowest ordinal number takes precedence.

If at least one of the rules in conflict explicitly says of itself that it defers to another rule (or type of rule) or takes precedence over another rule (or type of rule), then such provisions shall supersede the numerical method for determining precedence.

If two or more rules claim to take precedence over one another or to defer to one another, then the numerical method again governs."

Proposal 334


Amend Rule 327 by adding the following item to the table:

Unmasking a secret police officer when
you are a secret police officer yourself
+20 TP +5 HP

Proposal 335


Amend Rule 202 by removing the words 'naming the author and' from section 2.

{a measure to enhance secrecy}

Proposal 336


I. Amend rule 106 by removing the sentence: Every eligible voter must participate in every vote on proposals.

II. Amend rule 202 by removing the sentence: All players are required to vote on all proposals. Replace the sentence: Any player who fails to vote within the prescribed voting period is assumed to have voted in favour by default. with: Any player who fails to vote within the prescribed voting period is deemed to have abstained.

III. Amend rule 204 to read as follows: A proposal is adopted if and only if the vote is quorate and is a simple majority among the eligible voters. Quorum is achieved when at least fifty per cent of eligible voters cast a vote (ie fewer than fifty per cent of voters abstain). For the purposes of this rule, dormant players are not counted as eligible voters.

Proposal 337


Rule amendment to rule 321:

Proposed rewording of rule 321 to text between identifier TEXT:

Any words in the language of a proposal must be well-understood. A word is considered to be well-understood if it is found in any English language dictionary, defined in the body of the proposal, defined in a pre-existing rule or commonly used by the Players in relevant mailing list or e-group.

((Reasoning: several rules already exist where 'e' is used (Rule 306, 310, 317, 320), or 'eir'. If we wish to continue to do so, rule 321 needs to be changed. My dictionary does not contain 'e' or 'eir' as appropriate words... :) ))

Proposal 338 "Peas and Carrots"


In the society of Paranomic (aka ParaSoc), there are two main sources of news and information. The first is the Gazette, which is used by ParaSoc officials and Secret Police to make announcements to the public. The other is the grapevine of rumors, mutterings-in-the-crowd, and graffiti that make up the information network known colloquially as "The Scratches".

If this Proposal passes, the Umpire will create two web-based e-mail accounts at 'gazette', and 'scratches' (or suitable substitutes, should those account names be already taken). Both accounts should be subscribed to Paranomic, and set to NOMAIL (or whatever the equivalent command is for egroups). Only the Umpire is authorized to change the passwords on the accounts.

The password for will be given only to Secret Police, and other players who hold an Office, such as the Minister of Free Speech. In the event that one of these players loses their status, the password should be changed for security purposes.

The password for will be distributed publicly on-list.

Any player may use these accounts to post anonymous public announcements, rumors, and suchlike to the Paranomic list.

Proposal 339 "Favouritism"


Replace all instances of the word 'Joker' in the ruleset with the word 'Favour'. This paragraph then removes itself from the ruleset.

{Comments: Thought it sounded more thematic. 'Cashing in favours', "I owe you a favour", etc.}

Proposal 340 "The Price of Treason"


Change the first paragraph of Rule 327 to the following:

Each Player may have a number of Treason Points, and also a number of Hero Points; various events and actions that happen in the world of Paranomic will affect these Points.

Insert the following two paragraphs after the third paragraph of Rule 327:

The player with the lowest amount of Treason Points is known as the Most Favoured Citizen, provided that that amount is a negative number.

The player with the lowest amount of Hero Points is known as the Enemy of the People, provided that that amount is a negative number.

Add the following text to the end of Rule 327:

If at any time a Player has five or more Treason Points, e becomes a Suspect. A Suspect may remove that condition by reducing eir Treason Points to zero, or by becoming Most Favoured Citizen.

The Hero of the People is also considered a Suspect (provided that e is not also the Most Favoured Citizen), for as long as e holds that title. Having zero or less Treason Points will not remove eir Suspect-ness.

The four titles (Traitor, Hero of the People, Most Favoured Citizen, Enemy of the People) should be listed under 'Positions' in the Scores table on the Paranomic homepage.

Change the fourth paragraph of Rule 310 to the following:

If no Player is a Suspect, the Head of the Secret Police (after consulting, if e wishes, the other members of the Secret Police) may, at any time, nominate a single Prole whose Treason Point score is greater than zero - that Prole becomes a Suspect. This nomination is announced to all other members of the Secret Police.

If any Suspect has zero Treason Points when this Proposal is passed, e ceases to be a Suspect. This paragraph will then remove itself from the ruleset.

{Comments: Just adding some color, setting some groundwork for Secret Police activity, and adding a little balance to counter the Hero's +3 votes.}