Withdrawn Proposals


390 Any voter may call for a vote of no-confidence to be taken against any person in a paid position. The voter will do this by telling the speaker of his wishes and the reasons behind them. The speaker shall then inform all voters who shall then have 4 days to vote. If the vote is carried then the person in question shall be forced to resign and the position will become vacant. For the porposes of this proposal, a paid position means a position in this game of Nomic for which CV points are recieved.

[Proposed by Stuart Adamson, 29.xi.1996.]

396 Any player who voted on a proposition may call for an appeal against the result of the vote, provided this call issupported by another player who also voted on the proposition and that the call is made within the appeal period after the announcement of the result against which the appeal is being made. The appeal period is half the normal voting period or one full weekday, whichever is the longer. If the call for appeal is accepted then an appeal will take place. The result of the appeal will be either to confirm theof the vote or to overturn the result of the vote. No further appeal is allowed. If the appeal confirmed the result of the vote then the rule may not be re-proposed, amended or repealed for a period of seven days.

The decision regarding whether or not to accept a call for appeal and the method by which an appeal is carried out are at the discretion of the Speaker unless the procedures are defined by the rules. At least two players must be involved in the process of determining the result of an appeal.

[Proposed by Ian Collier, 17.i.1997. Withdrawn because the proposal was of dubious legality.]

397 [Amending 380]
Append "The speaker has the right to correct the spelling, punctuation or grammar of any rule, provided, in the opinion of the Players, no substantial change occurs to its meaning. The speaker still has the right to reject any proposal if the proposer objects to any changes made."

[Proposed by Ian Collier, 17.i.1997. Withdrawn because the proposal was of dubious legality.]

403 Any player with exactly 42 points at any stage may declare themself the answer to life, the universe and everything. As such, they gain 10CV, and as much kudos as the players wish upon them. If, from this point, they subsequently go down in points, they lose 42CV.

[Proposed by Ian Snell, 19.i.1997.]

P23 Transmute 108(0).

[Proposed by Owen Massey, 24.x.1997.]

P76 There exists a Puppet known as Life(1). Life(0) shall be deemed to be the Master of Puppets. The Deputy Master of Puppets for Life(1) shall be Life(0) and is to be paid CV0 every four days for Life(1). Life(1)'s Instructions are as follows:

Let A=2, B=10, C=3, D=10, E=1, F=1, G=3, H=2.

After each proposal is made Life(1) has a 1/A chance of making a proposal to modify itself, changing the values of A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H to values randomly, uniformly selected from the integers from 1 to B.

After each proposal is made Life(1) has a 1/C chance of making a proposal identical in wording to this proposal except that each reference to Life(i) is replaced by Life(i+1), and the assignment of values to A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H are taken as the mean of the respective values for Life(1) and some random chosen Puppet with "Life" in its name.

{Self preservation 1}
After each proposal is made, if this rule is mutable, then Life(1) makes a proposal to make this rule immutable with probability 1/D.

{Self preservation 2}
On any proposal to repeal the rule defining Life(1), Life(1) will vote against with probability 1/E, and vote for otherwise.

{Self respect}
On any proposal not covered by above instructions, and giving humans rights Puppets do not have, or taking away rights of Puppets but not for humans, Life(1) will vote against with probability 1/F, and vote for otherwise.

Otherwise Life(1) will abstain with probability 1/G. If it does not abstain it will vote for with probability 1/H, otherwise it will vote against.

[Proposed by Nick Fortescue, 11.ii.1998.]


[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 18.ii.1998. It was noticed before the end of the voting period that it was invalid under Rule 313 as P80 also attempted to amend 398(1).]


[Proposed by Colin Batchelor, 18.ii.1998. It was noticed before the end of the voting period that it was invalid under Rule 313 as P78 also attempted to amend 469(0).]


[Proposed by Stephen Gower, 7.iii.1998. Withdrawn 10.iii.1998.]


[Proposed by Ian Snell, 27.iv.1998. Withdrawn 27.iv.1998.]