The green and black theme sybolizes growth and decay respectively. Grey represents the static nature of element ether. The three wisterian buds stand for the name of the family (terceira [lat./port])- pertaining to three; third [fem.]). The seven thorns of the other vine represent the seven other houses/elements of Gnikrapon. The thorns indicate an awareness of the power and danger of outside forces. The knot at the center of the crest pertains to the twisted, uneven, yet cyclic nature of life as well as the interplay of contrasting forces. This cyclic philosophy is expressed again through the motto "semper crecsis aut decrescis," translated "ever waxing ever waning."


Though seemingly present in Gnikrapon before the Great War, House Terceira never emerged as an active player in the land's history until postbellum reconstruction. Many myths appeared to explain this. The most popular one pertains to the periodic disapearance of the family. Rumor has it that House Terceira is actually a recent inclusion into the Grnikraponomic Royal Families. During the Great War, a fleet of ships were spotted of the coast of Southern Gnikrapon. Spotted first by House Prevas, these ship carried two things that would put an end to the horrible atrocities that comprised the Great War. These were the famous Seal Evil spell and the first traces of Ether karma to power it. The all female Terceiran line has been barren for many generations.


Lady Chancellor Anais McDannan

Master of Assassins Anu Broghan

High Astrologer Anira Terceira

Grand Magus Aine McDannan

Arch Physician Anastasia Terceira

Gaurdian of Vaults Andora Broghan

"Terceian Theme" as played by Ayne Terceira on the UberHarp: