Heal Others

"nae hurtius a bittum!"

The caster picks another player with less than 20 Karma of any type. That player gains 2/3 the caster's ON (for the following day) points of their own type of Karma.

Penicillin Flare

"est nillus bubonius!"

The caster of Pennicilin Flare may cure any one player (including self) of Plague. The caster must be in the same location as the target, and the magical energies of the Pennicilin Flare will protect the caster from catching the Plague from the target for that day.

The Killing Hand

"engarde apris corpus!"

A player may cast this spell immediately before a duel. If the caster wins that duel, the loser loses an additional 3 points of Karma.

Cloak of Darkness

"invisius garmentium!"

The player creates a temporary cloak of darkness, which they can wear for one day before it disappears. A player wearing a cloak of darkness cannot be readily seen by others. You must cast this spell the day before you want to have the cloak.

Midwife Blast

"bammus, en proximus a midwifium!"

Casting "Midwife Blast" on a player is considered an attack. A "Midwife Blast" can hit a player anywhere on or under the continent, regardless of the caster's location, (including locations near the continent, such as the Chaos Temple, the Water Temple, and The House of Gus.) Creating a pulse of raw energy, that hits the specified target player "right in the midwives." This spell is effective regardless of target gender. The extreme pain resulting from the blow makes the player unable to move (travel) for the rest of the day and the following day. Normal player actions can occur (transactions/posts/proposals/votes) when incapacitated. You are simply not able to travel. For the full (extra) day that you are incapacitated, you do not get the advantages of wherever you are located (you do not get karma at your shrine, you do not collect rabbits if hunting, you do not collect timber, etc.)

Wall of Jello

"impedius a billus cosbus!"

By casting "Wall of Jello," a player summons forth a large amount of Jello from the ground that forms a wall around a temple, house, or mapped building. The wall of Jello prevents any player other than the caster from entering that building during the following day, as the jello is specially aligned to allow only the caster to diffuse through the mass of gel. The Wall of Jello is only active the day after casting. If a player had already planned to go to an area that has a wall of Jello surrounding it on the day of travel, the travelling is still carried out, but the player does not gain entrance to the area and does not get the benefits of said entrance.

Miracle Grow

"herbium en steroidium!"

This spell causes any wild area (no man's land, hunterland forest, plastic mountains, bog, etc.) to become overgrown overnight. The spell takes affect the following day after cast. The area becomes impenatrable. Any player will be unable to travel to, out of or through that area for one day.

Bottom's Up

"trisformus a est assus!"

This spell turns any opponent into a donkey for one day. "If this spell is cast onto a House Leader, House Staff member, artificial player or PAC, that character will be unable to broadcast "messages," (irrelevent for APs, who cannot do so anyway) and will only be able to participate in "stories" as a Donkey with all limitations thereof. (If a Donkey character acts in a way that another player finds unfitting for a Donkey, that player can call a judgement) Also, while a Donkey, you do not get the advantages of wherever you are located (you do not get karma at your shrine, you do not collect rabbits if hunting, you do not collect timber, etc.)"

Dirt Churn

"mixum a des loamium!"

This spell will cause moisture in the air to condensate against a wall or floor of dirt and exert pressure on it. The result is muddy bath that is quickly washed to another area. Very useful for quick digging, the spell works to dig three times the distance as one day of manual labor. The spell can only be cast once a day.


"Turnintus badassium!"

This spell will elevate one to the status of a god. This spell differs from most spells in that there is no initial karma cost to learn the spell (you could say that everyone "knows" it, or rather, has the potential to cast it.) That's the good news. The bad news is that no one knows how much karma it takes to cast it. All that is known is that if you attempt to cast it and you do not have enough karma you die/swoon.

Seal Evil

"Gettum innum therum, Bastardius!"

The caster of this spell specifies an evil force and any artifact in his possession. The evil force is sealed within that artifact. The evil can be subsequently released by any player who later gains possession of the artifact, or by any player who defeats the possessor of the artifact in a Test of Wills.

Mirror of Truth

"Nae pullum un nixonum!"

This spell may be cast on any player or artificial player. Someone under the influence of this spell is compelled to truthfully answer a question asked by the spellcaster.

Wake-up Call

"Wakium Wakium, Sleepium Headus!"

A player may cast wake-up call on any other real (non-artificial) player with karma. This is done so by sending an e-mail to the bboard with the content of the e-mail reading as "Wake-up call to [player]." where [player] is the target's name. Quotes are optional, no other text may accompany this one phrase e-mail (this is to avoid people burying wake-up calls in their other messages--it must be clear that the spell is cast).The target has one week to put up a shield. This is a very weak spell in the first week--the shield is constructed simply by the target replying to the bboard: "I'm awake." Again, this must not be accompanied by anything else. If the target fails to do so in one week's time, the spell reaches full potency. A karmic drain will begin (transfer of 1 to 1 at a rate of 5 per day), transferring the Karma type the target has the most of to the caster until the target runs out of that type. Then, a second karma type will be randomly chosen and the process will repeat. There are two ways to stop the karmic drain: the target must swoon or sacrifice a sheep at the temple of his/her affiliation. The sheep sacrifice will be used solely to stop the karmic drain. No player may issue more than one wake-up call per week or at a time. No player may issue a wake-up call on a player who has not yet responded to a previous wake-up call.

Light Refraction

"Exploitium Lawofum Snellum!"


Casting this spell on one's garments and a maximum of two inventory items allows temporary invisibility (for one day). A player will announce to the bboard that he/she is casting Light Refraction. The following day, the player will announce to the bboard his/her location and any items (maximum of two) he/she brought with him/her. This spell is basically for traveling covertly. Instead of announcing your intent, you travel invisibly and announce your presence when the spell wears off. A player may not travel with three or more items when using this spell since, if the third one is visible, his/her intended travel should be known.

Temporal Surge

"Bamfium! Laterum onnum!"


Temporal Surge imbues the target with excess temporal energy sufficient to throw said target a specified number of years ahead in time - anywhere from 1 day to 500 years in the future. This number is specified by the spellcaster as he invokes the spell. The spell may be cast on the target regardless of the target's location in the timeline, meaning that it can be used to bring objects from the past forward towards the present, etc.

Temporal Drain

"Bamfium! Soonerum onnum!"


Temporal Drain drains the target of temporal energy in a quantity sufficient to cause the target to jump backwards along the timeline some specified length between 1 day and 500 years. This jump length is specified by the spellcaster as he invokes the spell. The spell may be cast on the target regardless of the target's location in the timeline, meaning that it can be used to bring objects from the future back towards the present, etc.


"Slightum a des Handum!"


For every 2 points of Ether Karma spent in addition to the cost of this spell at the time of casting, the casting player's Primary Character disappears for one day. A player who has disappeared may not take or be the target of any player actions (Hunting, Travel, Duels, Spells), and their Primary Character may not send any Messages or participate in any Stories. In addition, the player may not vote, but their abstention due to Acceleration of Voting, should it fall during their disappearance, is postponed until 24 hours after their reappearance.

Mouse Binding



Binds a single Karma mouse to the caster.


T: Relevent Karmic Type

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