Animal Lore The knowledge of animals and all things related to animals.
Charisma The ability to sway others to follow, despite their better judgement
Empathy The ability to read body language, tone of voice, etc. to gain an understanding of another individual's emotional state, and the ability to phrase statements in order to modify another's emotional state.
Hospitality The ability to make guests feel at home.
Leadership The ability to inspire underlings to do their best, and excel beyond their expectations
Marksmanship The ability to use bows, firearms, and other ranged weapons with a great deal of accuracy.
Mediation the ability to settle conflicts in a peaceable and Harmonious manner.
Medicine The ability to diagnose and treat minor injuries. NOTE that this is quite different from "healing", which is the replenishment of Karmic energy and can only be accomplished via magic; this skill can not replenish Karma.
Military Tactics The understanding of and ability to create strategies for the securing of military objectives.
Nature Lore Knowledge of the natural world and understanding of environmental sciences.
Philosophy The knowledge of philosophy and the ability to reason philosophically.
Savoir Faire Knowledge of many cultures, customs, and the finer things in life.
Shepherding The ability to herd large flocks of sheep.
Throat Singing The ability to create 2 or more harmonious tones/croaks by the shaping of the mouth into a resonant chamber.
Yodeling The ability to make really odd noises that travel long distances.