Featured Works: Landscapes and Portraits by Sir Marc Chowdagh of House Howe



"The Persistance of Protoplasm"

Notes from the Artist:

"Though he is an amoeba, I can't help but think that Slibble is more of a man than I will ever be. Oh, what I would give just to see through his eyes for a few moments, such that I could paint what he sees! During my stay at Castle Laufer, I would work on the portrait by day, and spent my nights talking to Slibble until the early hours of the morning. His understanding of our language is still in its early stages, but through my conversations with him, I have found a friend that I will not soon forget. Slibble also taught me the secret of making a fantastic Creme Brulee, which I'm sure I won't soon forget, either."


"The Tetrahedron"

Notes from the Artist:

"The towering Tetrahedron is surrounded by a glass "park," of sorts. Radiating outward from the huge circular slab of marble that it "sits" on are two arms, which emit a barely audible drone. The arms each project a brilliant beam of light, both of which contributing to a hovering ring of that same light. I was told that it was some sort of field that kept the Tetrahedron standing, but far be it from me to analyze the laws of physics. As I stood on the glass parkway between the two arms, I couldn't keep but wondering..."why?"


"A Ledge away from the Entrance to the Temple of Fire"

"The S.S. Gali at Night"

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