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Karmic Affiliation: Energy

Motto:         "Fiat Lux, novus ordo saeculorum."
Translation: "Let there be light, a new order of ages."

House Colors: Magma Red, Forest Green and Deep Sea Blue
These three colors represent the embodiment of the earth's internal energies, the life forces and energies surrounding us (green being a color of new life), and the powerful energies enclosed within the heavens and seas. 

Crest History:
Those affiliated with Energy tend towards a strong spiritual nature; they believe in invisible forces which drive our lives and create the world and new life around us. The eye in the center of the crest is a tribute to such higher powers, in whatever form they may exist: we percieve them as a watchful force. The two heavenly bodies represented are Jupiter, planet of power and good luck, which is believed to have a strong influence upon the destiny of the Platz line, and the Moon, with its incredible power to create tidal energies and cycles on the planet simply by its movement. The glowig ball in the center of the crest is the embodiment of creational energies on our planet: energy is created by the Earth, utilized by Man's hands, and presented to higher powers in tribute and defense. At the bottom of the crest, the symbol of inifinity woven around the rod reminds us that there is no end - we are always moving forawrd through time and space.