The House of Chase is one of the oldest estates in Gnikrapon, and claims to be the oldest.  They are currently lead by Donovan Chase.

The House is located in the North of Gnikrapon, on the very edge of No Man's Land.  A clear division between No Man's Land and the more fertile areas of Gnikrapon is clearly visible.  The following is a political map of the House of Chase:

Some facts:
Colours: Silver, Blue and Purple 
House Description: An inverted Purple Tetrahedron with a satellite dish on top. 
Elemental Alignment: Air 
Current Positions: Webmaster 
Location: Northwestern Gnikrapon
Geographic and Political Divisions of the House of Chase
The Flag of the House of Chase
The Coat of Arms
 The House of Chase often have proposed odd innovations in Gnikrapon.  Some, such as the modern Gnikraponic calendar, have cought on.  Others, such as punk hairstyles (as seen in the coat of arms) seem to be only popular with the House of Chase.

Assorted Culture you may wish to peruse:
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