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[nbo] sorry for the web-spam

OK, I've made some updates to the website based on my record of what
happened over the last week.  Jill is welcomed to use this as a basis for
her analysis as secretary or ignore it and I'll make corrections as made
necessary by her evaluation.

Site Features:
Well, I didn't do what Dan suggested about the "reconstructable" history of
a rule, but I did the next best thing.  At the bottom of a rule there will
be listed all the proposals that edited it (in "newest first" order) and all
the judicial rulings that substantially clarify it's meaning.  Look at...
http://ddickens.pepperdine.edu/nomic/votingdefinition for an example of

I'm not sure which dates I should associate with a Proposal or Ruling.
Currently they are grouped by the week they were resolved in.  Is that
insufficiently precise?  I'm open to suggestions.

Site Additions:
I added a page for Seth and updated other people's pages.

Proposals who's voting resolved this week:
JudicialDebatePeriod - Succeeded, but no points since no one voted
IncumbentBenifits - Failed, only two votes (Tom, Dan)
NomicGod - Pending (though going to succeed)

Judicial Rulings:

Jill was elected Nomic Secretary.

Surprisingly Tom commented that I was falling behind in points but that's
not what I see the record show.  If you look at the proposals from the last
time the site was updated until now the only point change is that Tom lost
three points for Tom.3's defeat.

I thought this week was a bit slow, but three proposals is probably a good
number for a week.  Welcome Seth... enjoy.

Don't forget to yell at me if I did something wrong with the site folks!

David Dickens
Network Services Manager
Pepperdine Law School

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Avoid tame, colorless, hesitating, non-committal language. 
-- William Strunk, Jr. "The Elements of Style"

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