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[nbo] Proposal Togas.3 -- Bob

Proposal Creating Bob
Upon ratification of this proposal the following laws are created:

1) The Nomic recognizes Bob, in all of his splendor and wisdom, as the only
divine being worshiped by players of the Nomic.
2) This law, upon ratification, creates the Holy Deity Bob as a player in the
3) Bob has all the rights and privileges of a player in the Nomic with the
following exceptions:
	Bob may not ever lose points.
	Bob may not call for a Judicial Ruling.
	Bob must always decline to judge a Judicial Ruling.

1) This law, upon ratification, creates the office of Nomic High Priest	
2) The High Priest is the holy voice of Bob in the Nomic, and as such, he or she
is the only one who speaks for Bob.  The high priest will communicate to the
Nomic Bob's will regarding proposals, votes, and any other actions authorized by
the rules.
3) The High Priest may not ever disagree with Bob.
4) The High Priest must speak on Bob's behalf at least twice a week. 
5) The High Priest must, once a week, communicate to all the Nomic a new
"teaching of Bob".
6) "Teachings of Bob" must be a concise statement of wisdom and/or ethics given
to the High Priest by Bob.  These "teachings" may not contradict any previous
7) If the High Priest fails in his or her duties, he or she may immediately be
deposed by a call of "Heresy" by any two players.  If two players lawfully call
for "Heresy", a new election for High Priest begins according to the rules for


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