JillSorens on 6 May 2002 17:20:14 -0000

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[nbo] Ratification and Proposal Sorenson.2

As it is now 10:15 AM on Monday, May 6th, four days from my first proposal, and by the tally of votes - 3 For (including myself) and 1 Against, I believe it is ratified.  Please let me know if I am mistaken on this.  Therefore, I may now issue Sorenson.2 yes?

Proposal Sorenson.2
Amend A2.6 "No Rule may penalize a Player or Players by name." to read "A rule may neither penalize nor benefit a Player or Players specifically by name, association, or any other uniquely identifying characteristic."

This is intended to be a Law.
Issuing this proposal in order to close a previous loophole and make the game fair I guess.  I was one of those people who never stole the Monopoly money when I was banker. :)

By my calculation you should have until Wednesday, May 8th, 10:15 AM, 2 business days from now, in which to vote on this proposal.

Adios for now! :)

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