Dan Marsh on 2 May 2002 04:15:48 -0000

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[nbo] Proposal Marsh.1, Marsh.2

As it is 12:11 AM EDT, Thursday, May 2, I submit the following, as the first 
proposals of the game:

I am taking advantage of a loophole, and then closing it.  My first Nomic 
scam: Isn't this fun?

Proposal Marsh.1:
Create a new Law entitled "NomicGate", with the following text:
"Upon ratification of this Law, Dan Marsh shall be awarded fifty (50) 
points.  This law shall then have no further effect."

Now: by Law 2.4, I am automatically recorded as having voted FOR this 
proposal.  So the vote is currently 1 FOR, 0 AGAINST.  Article A4 states 
that a Law is Ratified if it received more votes FOR than AGAINST, which has 
happened.  Law 2.5 states that a Proposal is ratified if it receives the 
proper number of votes FOR.  And, finally, Law 2.6 stated that a Ratified 
Proposal immediately becomes Law and enters the ruleset.  Article A2.6 only 
disallows -penalizing- a player, so, by my reasoning, this Law immediately 
takes effect.  (I don't count any other points for myself, unless I missed 

Since the above proposal is immediately ratified, I can introduce another.

Proposal Marsh.2
Section 5 of Law 2 (VotingDefinition) is hereby amended by adding the 
following text:
"however, a Proposal shall not be Ratified until at least twenty-four hours 
have passed since its publication, unless all players have voted;"

By the same reasoning as above, this also immediately passes.  I still count 
that I get zero points off it, unless I've missed something.


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