Tom Ogas on 6 May 2002 22:00:42 -0000

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[nbd] New Computer

Good news -- My new computer is finally here.  I feel like I'm back in the 21st
century.  I've been using a 386 or something similar since coming to this job two
years ago.

The shiney new grey tower and assorted components is just sitting in my office
now ... sitting there.  I had to leave my office to do email elsewhere, it was
all I could do from putting the damn thing together myself.

And until the computer tech guru from the county plugs it in for me -- because
we're not supposed to install our own computers -- I'll be without at work.  
Hopefully that won't last past today.

I'll do more official replies tonight from home.  I'll prolly vote for Jillian's
second law.  Maybe get around to rereleasing my proposal tomorrow (oh crap ...
original text is saved on my old computer!).  I'll dig the text out of old email
and release it with two parts ONLY if I can get some informal agreement that no
one is going to JR this thing if it comes out as a proposal in three parts.  By
the rules, I think we can submit a proposal with multiple parts, but it seems
arguable to me.


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