Tom Ogas on 2 May 2002 15:51:47 -0000

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[nbd] Greetings


Interesting way to start this game off.  Dan's alright with me.

I'd like to ask that everyone who's playing in the game and listening give a
brief "hello" and a description of yourself if you'd like.  Dave and I each
separatly gathered together the players for this game and while we may know most
of you, most of you certainly don't know most everyone else.

As for me ...

I'm an attorney with the Public Defender in a small, rural county in central
California.  I work in the juvenile courts.  I'm a firm believer that the spirit
of the law is more important than the word of the law.  I enjoy the challange of
rule drafting almost as much as I enjoy the task of rule interpretation.  You
have to get into twisted stuff like that to be a lawyer.

But I think Seth is more twisted in that regard than I.  I'm sure he'll agree.


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