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Re: who's taking my turn?

by Le Roc at 20/09/05 6:06 AM

Two questions.
First: There is this rule about being penalized and having your turn taken for you. Is taking your turn considered a voluntary action? This could become important if someone were to enact a rule stating that you must pay $100 every time you take a turn (or a rule that results in that kind of an effect). If a player were to possess at any point < $100 and taking a turn is voluntary they would not be allowed to take their turn due to the bankruptcy rule IV.3. From the wording of rule VII.1 "A player may take..." I would expect turn taking to be voluntary but I'd be interested in Jeff's thoughts on the issue.
Second: If someone enacts a rule requiring players to make a decision as a part of taking their turn what decision will be made for them in the event they do not take a turn for five days? Should people include some type of default decision in any such proposal or will the game enter into some type of disruption state as per rule IX?