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Huge Problem in Prop. 15, possibly game threatening

by The Founder at 15/09/05 3:55 PM

There is a huge error in this proposal I thought should be pointed out. As stated, whenever a player has (current HP) >= 0, that player will respawn at the graveyard. That means that, regardless of whether my proposal passes (and gives all players 50 HP) or not (and all players have 0 HP), EVERY player at the time of this proposal passing would "respawn" at square 13, and continue to do so indefinitely (until our HP dropped below 0). This will cause our levels to drop to -(infinity), since there is no minimum level.

Also, since respawn is not defined, it would technically do nothing to use except make us lose experience. There's nothing in the current rules, or that proposal, that makes a player move to a given square (13) in the event of "respawning".