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Re: proposal 15

by anti-polar at 14/09/05 6:01 AM

so that there is no mistakes made here is the rule again this time with the boxes replaced hope this helps Jeff if you wouldnâ??t mind modifying my rule replace all the boxes with their original characters.
Sorry this rule is so long but there was an effert to keep things simple

3 new traits
"attack power" doesn't do anything yet
"defense strength" doesn't do anything yet
"MaxHp" sets how much hp a player may have. If a payer would gain more hp the player will end up as that players current MaxHp

Attack power = character level + any modifiers ( there aren't any modifiers yet)
defense strength = character level + any modifiers (which again there are nun currently)

Each player will have a MaxHp = 50*character level

There will be a grave yard at square 13 and if any player has there hp => 0 they will "respawn" there.

"Respawned" players loose 20*current level worth of exp

There will be a town placed at square 6. there is buildings in the town.
One of the buildings in the town is a "Hospital". (other buildings should be defined by other rules)

Any square that has a hospital you can get healed up to your max health this action costs (yourMax hp - current hp)*2

for example level 1 player with 30 hp and there maxhp is 50 so that player can get healed for 40 dollars

both town and the grave yard are "safe zones"
no player may be attacked in a safe zone