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Next Nomopoly Poll

by The Founder at 14/10/05 9:00 PM

I think that given all the options for the next Nomopoly, that a poll may be in order to see where the majority of interest lies. From that I think we could determine who would admin, and thereby give that person time to think about the initial rule set and also work out the online system (or go back to e-mail).

So to do this poll, I'm going to list the options I've seen mentioned so far, and people can respond with their preferences (please try to limit yourself, if you can't decide/don't care, please don't vote). Also, please read the topics on the next Nomopoly before voting so you know what the options are. Or feel free to mention more options yourself (like if I missed one, or you've just come up with one).

So far, the options I've seen mentioned are:

Nomopoly IV
Nomic Snakes and Ladders
Nomic Risk II
Parallel Universe/Mao-opoly
Grid Nomic
Nomic Qi
Nomic Go
Nomic: The Gathering
Nech Lieutenant