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Rule XXI

by Le Roc at 06/10/05 1:58 AM

Jeff I was looking at Rule XXI - Tenshi and Akuma. I think there might be a slight discrepancy between the rule and the proposal. The rule states:
If any player holds light cookies and moves through a square containing Akuma

The proposal states:
if any player is at the same square as Tenshi or moves through a square with Tenshi

The reason I bring this up is the intention was that if a player summons Akuma and posses say 11 light cookies they will get hit by one of them. The way I read it, at the moment a player in this case will not be hit by the cookie exploding as the rule only triggers when they move into the square not when Akuma comes to join them. Now maybe my interpretation of the rule is wrong and it captures that meaning already or maybe my original proposal didn't accurately describe this but I wanted to check this out at any rate before it came up.