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Tiny problem with fireballs

by Le Roc at 05/10/05 8:08 AM

Jeff, I noticed that Dyslexic Q-Thief is the first person to hold a fireball for too long and end up taking the full 10 damage from it. The action log notes that Q-Thief lost the fireball but it doesn't mention taking the 8 damage. The players page indicates that Q-Theif has the proper 40 HP after taking the 10 damage, so this isn't a big issue. But I thought the actions page should probably mention both effects for purposes of posterity and clarity and all that sort of stuff.
By the way kudos to Q-Thief for being the first to deal damage, take damage, and to do both at the same time. I will assume the casting of Ignite was not one of your finer moments. You can thank myself and The Founder for not being able to throw it.