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Website Glitch

by Le Roc at 03/10/05 9:31 AM

Another sort of odd problem. I am currently at square 11. I wanted to stock up on healing salves so I went to the misc page. I can see the pop-up menu for the store and can select items from it I would like to purchase, however; there is no "Buy" button. I took a quick look at the html that the page displays and here is what I saw:

Buy from store:

I'm guessing that the submit button being stuck in the middle of the select is what's causing the problem. Having some experience with html programming I copied the page to my computer locally and tried moving where the Buy button is, and it seemed to look correct then.
Since more often then not it can be significant, I'm running Apple Safari as my browser (though the rendering code is the same as firefox as far as I know). Hopefully this is a quick fix.