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Proposal 42

by Le Roc at 03/10/05 7:15 AM

(Wow, lots of comments from me...)
Volrath, I can understand your concern over proposal 40. It is a significant change. Its basically moving throwing from an interesting but presently more minor part of the game to basically the fore front. Especially in conjunction with proposals 30 (Ignite), 31 (the DCM), 36 (summon cookie), and 37 (if all but one is disabled that person wins). This will rapidly change the focus of the game to trying to disable other people, gain experience, and try to do more throwing. I think this might be interesting, but we see what happens. Ownership of healing salves and Resurrection Ankh's (in my opinion especially healing salves, I need to find my way to a store yet) will become important quickly. At least the teleport spell should make it easy to get to a store to stock up, assuming it passes. I believe this will make the game quite interesting pretty quickly and thats the reason that I proposed it.
If people start throwing dark cookies and fireballs wholesale, the game might come to a conclusion quickly without hardly mentioning negative numbers. I think though that it would be quite difficult for one person to win if they are the only person "attacking". Since we each die after 7 days of being disabled and then "respawn" with a minimum of 25 hp (I think there was a short discussion a while ago about why you can't ever get below level 1) that means that one player would need to do at least 225 damage in a week to disable everyone else and then win. Considering at level 6 which is a pretty long way off for anyone at the moment a player will be able to do a maximum of 190 damage (assuming they make and throw 4 fireballs, 10 dark cookies, and using a DCM's breath 3 times) this is a big challenge. Presumable in the future more spells and items will increase this total but then people will also probably have more access to healing items and be higher level as well so the amount of damage that will need to be done will also increase.
Moving on though, presuming that you don't like how this will change the game I believe there are a couple difficulties with your proposal. First a small one, you do not die when you fall below 1 hit point, you become disabled. Though I think this will have only a minor difference from what you maybe intended. That difference being that if a player has their hp reduced to exactly 0 then they will still become disabled (same sort of problem as with the Anhk). The bigger problem though I think is that the only case when your rule comes into effect is when someone would be disabled due to a thrown item. Already in the game there is a means to do damage to a person without throwing an item. Namely the Dark Cookie Monster (Proposal 31). You might want to amend your rule so that it talks about a player's action not about a thrown item.